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What kinds of images does Rose Mesa Designs create?

Rose Mesa Designs creates four kinds of distinctive styled stock photos: Social Media Packs; Multi-Purpose Images; Limited Edition Photographs; and Custom Photographs.

Social Media Packs contain at least 3 images, but can contain up to 10. These images are square in shape and are sized at 1000×1000 pixels. Social Media Packs are a great choice if you are on a tight budget and don’t need larger images for other uses.

Multi-Purpose Images have many useful functions in both your personal and professional lives. These images are large, high-resolution images that can be used on websites, in email newsletters, for social media, and on printed marketing materials, such as postcards and brochures.

Limited Edition Photographs are just that: large, high-resolution images that are restricted to 10 sales each. When there have been 10 downloads, the image is retired and no longer available for purchase. Rose Mesa Design’s Limited Edition Photographs are perfect for people who want to be sure that the photos they use for their branding won’t be seen on every third website or social media profile.

Cynthia Wenslow of Rose Mesa Designs works with a limited number of clients who desire bespoke images. Working with you to help create and communicate your brand, Cynthia creates Custom Photographs as a collaborative process. Contact us to learn more.

May I sell or give away the photos I purchase from Rose Mesa Designs?

As stated in our License, you may not distribute, sell, or sublicense the images, or any compilation including or derivative work based on the images, but you may display publicly the images commercially as part of a publication or compilation. Attribution is not required, but you may NOT claim the images as your own.

Cynthia Wenslow remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright in the images. Be sure to read the entire License prior to purchasing images from Rose Mesa Designs.

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